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We offer dry cleaning services and laundry wash for all types of textiles, leather and fur clothes. In the process of dry cleaning we use the most sofisticated modern methods. All goods are processed against odors (sweat, urine, etc.) and subjected to microbial protection. After the cleaning process, your clothes is carefully folded and packed in appropriate protecting bags.

We clean leather pieces and dyeing smooth leather. Velur skin can be also cleaned and impregnated. Dyeing leader pieces of clothes can be performed straight after dry cleaning and according to your own specification Please note that the clothes can not be dyed in black from white, etc. but only in the color a shade or two darker than the existing one.

The old faded clothes, mainly made of cotton composition, can be recolored and given a new shine. Colors used for dyeing are stable and do not leave marks on other clothes. Colors used for textile dyeing procedures are black, brown and dark blue.

We offer professional laundry service, cleaning clothes, bed linen, curtains and other things following the highest standards. Moreover we offer professional ironing service for clean clothes.

Only for our clients we provide various kinds of fine tailoring services at affordable prices. Professional tailor works on daily basis and provide express service.

For the cases of emergency, we ensure the special privilege – the express service in the shortest time possible, up to 24 hours of taking over of clothes.

In order to speed up and make it easier, we offer free pick-up and delivery of clothes at your address.

Free taking over and delivery to your address.

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